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The New World Learning Center

The New World Learning Center is an private African-centered school located in San Antonio, Texas. For African-American parents seeking an environment that cherishes and challenges their children and helps them discover and utilize the power they have within, we offer a program that focuses on the whole child: academic, cultural, and emotional. We service the San Antonio Black community through our commitment to cultivating excellence, self-confidence, and self-respect in young African children. By creating a safe and reaffirming environment, we allow our children the time and space to grow into the capable, gifted, confident, and socially responsible and committed African adults that they were created by God to be.

our focus

Why An African-Centered School


Grounding our children in African history, traditions, and modalities gives them the tools to examine and critique the current reality, and imagine and build a future worth having. Being African-centered means centering the child's learning around the historical experiences of African people

Character Development

Helping our children build and nurture Iwapele (good character) prepares them for living a healthy and fulfilling life.
"If you have money and do not have character, the money belongs to someone else."
An African Wisdom

Family Atmosphere

Cherishing and challenging our children secures them and gives them confidence in the knowledge that they are loved, which lays the foundation for all of their future growth. We have developed an intimate, nurturing yet demanding environment that helps to pull out of the child the greatness that God has given them.

Academic Excellence

We provide a rigorous and challenging academic setting that solidifies the historical and cultural focus, enhances the student's character and confidence, and allows them to express and cultivate their inner genius.

the youth are our future

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